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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  July 5, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. there's still hope that they can find him alive. >> bay area families holding out hope. what we are learning tonight about the survivors and those still missing in a boating tragedy near mexico. >> a fast moving wild fire scorches hundreds of acres. what investigators think sparked those flames. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> that is not right. >> and the case that rivetted many and a verdict few expected. the stunning conclusion to the casey anthony trial. >> and they rescued animals of all sizes and shapes. now they need some help. the little bay area pet shop fighting to keep its doors open. i'm allen martin. >> and i'm dana king. former chronicle employee is the first confirmed death in the capsizing of fishing boat near baja.
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seven men from northern california remain missing. yee had retired after nearly 37 years with the paper and the 65- year-old finally made time for the trip. >> initially he didn't want to go, but a bunch of friends from high school, they are about 12 to 17 of them. they all decided to go and usually go every year and they would constantly bug him about going and he never could find the time to do so, but finally now that he is retired from chronicle and he has all this free time, he figured why not? he was my best friend. he actually successfully guided me, you know, into being a mature adult while maintaining a friendship. >> tonight the search continues in the gulf of california where a sudden storm hit south of san felipe early sunday morning causing the boat to capsize. searchers covered 1400 miles by air and 900 miles in the water looking for survivors.
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one family member waiting for word calls it a slow moving nightmare. >> these are four of the seven men who have not yet been found. these four are all close friends. sharon chin shows us relatives are not giving up hope. >> 69-year-old jean's family says he is the survivor. his son didn't want to talk on camera, but shared why he and his family hope his father will return alive. >> he was in vietnam, so he made it back strong. >> his family earned a purple heart in vietnam and retired after more than 30 years selling mother's cookies to grocery stores. he loves fishing and this was his first time on the baja trip. >> last minute. two spots opened up, two guys couldn't make it, so we were supposed to go together. and now -- i offered for him to go for father's day and he went. caught with some friends of
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ours. >> brian was not his first, it's an annual family tradition for him and his three brothers. his brothers craig and gary pictured here and glenn survived when the boat capsized. family friend dianne cho says the family won't leave baja and all their adventures, they never left a brother behind. >> it's a special bonding time for them. they do other activities, too. we know that the three of them, craig, gary, and glenn, are all doing their very best down there. > brian wong is a month away from retiring. he and his family are clinging for hope. >> he could be on one of the islands, he could be in a dais so he can't find his way. so it's -- there's still hope that they can find him alive. >> and the families of the missing have this message for
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searchers. >> keep up the vigil. keep up the search. because they have not given tup hope. >> craig and several relatives will take up to san diego tomorrow to bring home the cars of sur of the survivors. and oles help those wanting to come home. they want want to stay until their missing buddies are found. >> we're going to continue to monitor that search. we'll keep the latest updates posted. >> brush fire that spread to 400 acres is fully contained. the fire was spot around 4:30 this afternoon a. car fire in the same area spread to vegetation andignited the flames. it threatened homes for a time, but no injuries were reported. it was a trial that rivetted many and a verdict
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that stunned even more. karen brown on the jury's decision in the murder trial of casey anthony. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> 25-year-old casey anthony cried and hugged her defense team. the jury took fewer than 11 hours to find her not guilty of murder and two other charges related to her daughter, caylee's death. casey's parents ducked out of court right after the verdict was read. >> we're happy for casey. there are no winners in this case. caylee has passed on far too soon. >> coroner never determined the cause of caylee's death, but it rule it a homicide. after mounds of evidence, the jury found the prosecution didn't bear the burden of proof. >> i never criticized a jury. theirs is the task of deciding when to leave.
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>> casey anthony was cleared, many in the court of public opinion. guests don't agree with the jury's verdict. >> it is unfathomable to come to that decision. >> i think the jury came back too soon. a anthony was -- she won't serve additional time. >> i think the judge will release her on thursday. there's no reason to keep her in any longer. anthony already spent three years in jill. the defense is hopping she can rebuild her life starting this week. karen brown, cbs news, orlando, florida. >> checking bay area headlines, they will work through the man and identify the man shot and killed on sunday. they are reviewing surveillance video. the man appeared to p drunk and
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acting differently. one of the two officers who answered the call did have a taser, but it was not used. an art thief strikes in union square in broad daylight. a well-dressed man snatched a pablo right off the wall. his 1950 work hets off binner, but that is worth $2,000. it may be difficult to tell it, several homes in gag fog fog flooded by watt r map grecque the pike burst was out in the street. not what is your whey it broke. >> it has been a south bay fixture for six decades. the shot that saved hundreds of animals needs help saving it. the simple fix that could keep those critters coming. >> they are going to need to
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chew and whatnot. >> for years lisa devoted her life to saving animals that otherwise would have been put to sleep. now her store is on borrowed time. >> the rent is due today. i don't have it. so scary situation to be in. >> we first met lisa last thanksgiving when a man let more than 2,000 rats take over his home in southern california. the critics were featured on horders. lisa took in every single one and adopted most of them out. there are 275 left. the publicity helped to boost sales, but didn't last. >> we just keep expecting that people are going to hear that we are here and start shopping here again and it hasn't happened. >> andy's pet shop had been a foxture, but after she bought it three years ago, lisa was forced to move toff another. combined with competition from
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big box pet stores and the great recession, it struggled to athe rent. >> what i need right now is a sponsor. >> how is that going? >> i haven't found one yet. >> concept is simple. rescue and adopt out animals that they can't use. lisa single handedly saved thousands of animals from certain deaths. if closed, the ones remaining will go to foster homes. >> no regrets. i'm tired. i'm glad we saved lots of animals. >> good rain. >> it's good. in san jose, cbs 5. a disturbing trend uncovered in the medical kent. what researchers discovered about hospital mistakes and the month you're admitted may have
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more to do with when you drive. >> why it's not the students who are in trouble. >> and is tabloid in trouble? the extreme it took to search for the missing teenagers. >> our temperatures have been going up and down. tomorrow we go down and the other weather featurer as eyewitness news continues. >> closed captioning is brought to you by a san francisco original.
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hospital this month? a st research raises the question, should you try to avoid the hospital this month? a study done at uc san diego looked at a quarter million deaths from medication errors over nearly three decades.
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it found mortality rates went up 10% in july, especially in areas with teaching hospitals. this is about the time many new doctors enter their residency programs. >> in july, we do have a whole new group of doctors that come on board, but does that mean you're at greater risk? most studies found no. this study found a 10% increased risk. we don't know if that means a large or small increase. bottom line, should you be worried? there are so many checks and balances, it's fine to go to the hospital in july. >> researchers looked at records from 1979 to 2006. critics argue that residents did not have u as much. >> a bill is on its way to the governor. democratic state assembly members passed that law today on a party line vote. it would add gay, bisexual, and transgender people to the list
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of groups that must be included in social studies. local state boards will decide how to implement scams. the cheating involves the same sort of standardized tests used all over the con think. but mark reports the most surprising part of this story is that it wasn't students caught breaking the rules, it was teachers. >> it's a scathing report, a decade of cheating in atlanta school system by the adults. dozens of educators erased wrong student answers and inserted the right ones. investigators accused 38 pins pals of cheating and said 85 of the 178 educators they identified as parted of the scandal confessed. >> when educators failed to uphold the public trust and students are harmed in the process, there will be consequences.
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>> the motive, show phoney progress. what the report calls the pressure to meet progress. parents are outridged. >> 105 people are in on this. they should be fired. at a high school, paul saw a teacher helping 50 students change test answers. he reported it, and the next day he said he was tired. for overall responsibility, the report points to beverly hall, the school system's former superintendent. atlanta schools showed such progress at one point, in 2009, hall was named america's superintendent of the year. investigators say hall either knew of the cheating or should have. she decided that but in her retirement places, blamed other employees. >> against anyone who would
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leave so little in our students and system of support that they would turn to dishonesty. >> thrnt's school suspect says they would not set forth in the chases room here again. those cheaters could have bigger issues. punishable by up to ten years behind bars. mark, cbs news, atlanta. >> get ready to see your friends up close on faceback tomorrow. the website is going to launch an in browser video chatting feature powered by skype. last week's ceo said the company will launch as some. it could be a streaming music app. there may be a new low for even britain's tabloids. newspaper has been accused of tacking into a timer's cell
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phone, jeep liesing. mark phillips on the country that very phid the country. >> it's britain's biggest sunday newspaper. selling 2 1/2 million copies by delivering skin and the skinny. some has notten by hacking into the voice mail accounts of famous victims like ericcap tan, hew grant and a member of crins william star. there is the intruce that we should see how outraged a nation. the news of the world not only hacked into the voice mail to hear desperate relatives trying to reach her, it deleted some messages to make room for others. so she was still alive dialing into her own voice mail. she was fobbed dead six months after her desperation. the family, which made heart
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wren les appears is distract. >> the idea is frightening simple. two phones. on one, you dial the number in question. then while it's busy, you dial the number again on the other phone. which immediately goes to soil mail. then simply a matter of dialing in the factory pin numbers or 8888. it's surprising how many people glefer that i think third down plan. >> the news of the world is onlied by rue pert's newses alabama. he becay crew runs so independently. she is also a close friend sorter of price johnson, who condemned the intrusion. the news of the world says will be serve, but she'll be
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investigating herself. the police inquiry is on thing as well and there are bomb shell vef lailgs to come, london. >> okay, we're going to turn to roberta now. she's busy over there on her second. >> i was updating temperatures for tomorrow. i seriously was. it's been remarkable ever since friday where we had temperatures down, yesterday down, today up to 102. right now autostaph stan, a lot hof clouds heating -- dis ability is down to 100 feet. otherwise, livermore and in concord, it was 102. a pair of 8's in santa rosa. tomorrow morning's commute, fog line in the coast, partial
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coastal clouds, otherwise full on sunshine. we will have our temperatures go down every so generally. especially in the cost at the poem, this is interesting. a lot of moisture, this is the rem nantds of what was tropical hen arlene. as it beliefs up this, we saw some thunderstorms fire around yosemite. there's the possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow and montgomery county. a lome the bill of mugginess throughout the paringses of our bay area. otherwise high pressure is in command. we have the clouds for the morning commute. backing off by the coast for only partial clearing there. that will affect the temperatures. a blanket of clouds in the beaches, otherwise 48 degrees, clear skies. 80s in san jose.
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the extended forecast calls for gradual cooling trend each and every day. turn off the ac. >> perfect. roberta, thanks. >> think you're et oing out too much? some numbers that may consider you doing it too often. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mmerce departm dining out may be a better option these days than eating in. the commerce department says grocery prices are up 4% over a year ago, but restaurants held the line on increasing menu prices. they are only up on average 2%. solid earnings among some chains prove customers are coming back for more. and a divorce of sorts in the fast food industry. wendys is selling off the majority of its ownership and arby's. both chains have been suffering since combining back in 2008. wendy's will focus on revamping its menu and adding new locations. people in san francisco are apparently spending a lot of time in the bedroom.
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a survey by trojan condoms, men and women in the city by the bay or baghdad have the most sexual partners in the past. an average of 30. the least likely to believe in abstinence before marriage at 24% and the most likely to have learned about sex in school at 52%. >> dennis. >> yeah. local lines tried to abstain from a july 4 hangover. how is that? and the a's go extra innings. did they get it? we'll show you in a minute, next. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. brought to you by the alameda county fair. runs now through july 10. the giants game, how many
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innings do you get? >> i got about eight innings in there. you know it's so frustrating to be a giants pitcher. matt cain, since he joined the league in 2006 has the worst run support of any major league pitcher. less than 4 runs a game. so if he makes a mistake, he's going to lose the game. giants pitchers have the worst run support in 111 years. it didn't get better tonight. wayne, give me the clock. 6th inning, giants up a run. smashes it to the gap. clears the bases, and the padres win. if you make a mistake, your offense is not going to bail you out and big daddy kaine loses another game. tomorrow weeks is the american league's corookie of the month. batting .309 in his first month. cocoa crisp can't get it. speedy weeks scores. the game goes to extra innings.
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should be inning over, but pennington airmails it. the winning run scores and the a's lose 4-2. previewing our top five, pirates and astros makes a nice bare handed catch leaping in the air by a bad throw. pirates won 5-1. three-time champ, evans were neck to neck. they thought they won, the photo technology shows that evans barely won. the yellow jersey and evans is pretty darn good, from australia and a two-time tour runner up. he may be due for his first tour de france. >> that's hard to say. >> all right. we'll come back at 11:00. >> all right, we are coming back at 11:00 on cbs 5. hopefully we'll see you then. >> all right, thanks. you are the next trending topic.
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